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  • Dimensionally stable, robust cast-iron door
  • Durable firebox floor made of cast iron
  • Closable grate for clean combustion
  • Frameless printed glass
  • fire+ combustion control and catalyst optionally available

fire+ combustion control
Optional accessories
*1 The energy efficiency class A+ only applies in conjunction with the fire+ Puck remote control.

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At home with Tina

I feel great after yoga. I’m in balance with myself. Just like my stove, which only emits as much CO2 as the firewood has previously absorbed. Everything in balance. Very reassuring.

The clean Swedish stove

Efficiency > 75 %
Heating power 3,0 - 6,0 kW
Indoor Air independence optinal DIBt coptionaertified (optional)
Door lock selflocked
Fuel Wood, Wood briquettes
color black
height 1.046mm
Width 524 mm
Depth 438 mm
The first stove with the Blue Angel

The APRICA 2 is the first stove to carry the well-known Blue Angel eco-label. And thus the toughest stove test in the whole of Germany.

Heating with wood - especially with the most modern combustion technology - is an important contribution to environmental and climate protection. and climate protection. DROOFF wood-burning stoves are particularly well below all the strict limits of the 1st BImSchV. extent. In addition, the already excellent emission values can be further reduced by approx. 30 % with the innovative fire+ combustion control. can be reduced by a further 30 %. That should actually be enough to meet all the requirements and demands - right? and requirements - or?

In fact, individual municipalities, especially in inner-city areas, demand an even higher standard for new buildings: namely the require an even higher standard for new buildings: namely the "Blue Angel".


In addition, the APRICA 2 with Blue Angel is of course of interest to all particularly environmentally conscious heating enthusiasts. interesting: Is it not enough for you to operate a DROOFF stove that easily undercuts all limit values? all the limits? With our APRICA 2 with Blue Angel, you can be sure that we have really pulled out all the we have pulled out all the stops in innovative environmental technology!

Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves - what is actually behind it?
The Blue Angel is the best-known environmental label in Germany and is awarded for particularly environmentally friendly products. products. For more than 40 years, the Blue Angel has been setting high standards for environmental, health and health and utility properties. Since January 2020, manufacturers of stoves have also been able to apply for the Blue Angel.

For certification, stoves must meet very strict criteria during a demanding test procedure. which go well beyond the legal requirements of the 1st BImSchV.

Further information on the Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves can be found here:

The Blue Angel for stoves

Green reasons for the APRICA 2 Trend by DROOFF

Electronic combustion control fire+
Optimum combustion automatically and at all times.
With less than half the legally permitted emissions

Blue Angel
The most innovative form of environmental technology for stoves.
Our APRICA 2 is the first stove to be awarded the well-known eco-label!

Honest stone
No color enhancer. No polish. No sealing. With us only the pure stone comes to the stove. Finely polished or sandblasted unique specimens. Millions of years old footprints of the earth's history. Discover ournatural stone claddings!

Catalytic converter
Emissions reduced by up to 56 %.
Turning clean into really clean.