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fire+ combustion control

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At Yvonne's home

A cool Saturday morning in the spring. Time to get the garden in shape. Frozen through, I call my husband from outside, "Honey, why don't you go ahead and turn on the stove?"-"No need, it's still really nice and warm in the living room from last night!" I'm relieved. Fortunately, our BRUNELLO L is equipped with heat storage rings. That's practical and also saves a lot of firewood!

Storage miracle with style

Efficiency > 75 %
Heating power 3,0 - 6,0 kW
Indoor Air independence Under review
Door lock selflocked
Fuel Wood, Wood briquettes
Storage block yes (optional)
color black
height 1.594 mm
Width 454 mm
Depth 454 mm
Green reasons for the BRUNELLO L by DROOFF

Electronic combustion control fire+
Optimum combustion completely automatically and at all times.
With less than half the emissions permitted by law.

Sophisticated combustion technology
The perfect air supply.
For a great flame pattern and particularly clean combustion

Intelligent design
"Form follows function" - this is the golden rule in product design.
That is why we do not compromise on durability and functionality.

DROOFFolith heat storage
Efficient and sustainable heat storage.
For cosy stove warmth up to 10 hours after the last burn.