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  • Dimensionally stable, robust cast-iron door
  • Durable firebox floor made of cast iron
  • Comfortable combustion chamber height
  • Steel wood compartment door
  • fire+ combustion control optionally available

fire+ Abbrandsteuerung

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At Karin's home

My favorite activity: Knitting scarves, hats and socks for my grandchildren in front of the cozy warm fireplace. That is pure relaxation for me. But it's also good for my back - because the GARDA's combustion chamber is at a practical height. I don't even have to bend down to add wood!

Ergonomic heat enjoyment

Green reasons for the GARDA from DROOFF

Electronic combustion control fire+
Optimum combustion fully automatically and at all times.
With less than half the legally permitted emissions.

Sophisticated combustion technology
The perfect air supply.
For a great flame pattern and particularly clean combustion

Honest stone
No color enhancer. No polish. No sealing. With us only the pure stone comes to the stove. Finely polished or sandblasted unique specimens. Millions of years old footprints of the earth's history. Discover ournatural stone claddings!

Indestructible cast iron
Wherever possible, we manufacture doors, grates or firebox bases from grey cast iron. This recyclable and indestructible material can neither warp nor bend. And is suitable for temperatures beyond 1,000 degrees! Learn more about ourquality features!