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  • Dimensionally stable, robust cast-iron door
  • Durable firebox floor made of cast iron
  • Frameless pane of SCHOTT ROBAX® printed ceramic glass
  • Comfortable combustion chamber height
  • Large heat accumulator
  • fire+ combustion control optionally available

fire+ Abbrandsteuerung

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At Helmut's home

An icy winter day. I visit my father Helmut in his new flat. He had wanted a wood-burning stove so much. Just like in the old days. Now the fire glitters in his eyes. "Are you missing anything?", I ask. "No ...", he answers touched, "... with the IMOLA it's even better than before. I don't even have to bend down to add wood." The stove is a gift from the whole family. I haven't seen my father this happy in a long time.

Timelessly stylish