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APRICA 2 Pellet


APRICA 2 Pellet

  • Pellet stove in modern fireplace design
  • Dimensionally stable, robust cast-iron door
  • Operation via rotary control incl. status display
  • Optional: control via practical app

Optional accessories

Experience it now virtually at home

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At home with Elli

I press the button on the remote control. My APRICA 2 Pellet emits cosy warmth until the room heats up to the set temperature. The pellet tank lasts for hours. I sink into the cushions, sip my Frisian tea, and listen to my cat purring. The perfect start to my weekend…

The exceptionally clean pellet stove

Green reasons for the APRICA 2 Pellet from DROOFF

Sophisticated combustion technology
The perfect air supply.
For a great flame pattern and particularly clean combustion

Intelligent design
"Form follows function" - this is the golden rule in product design.
That is why we do not compromise on durability and functionality.

Honest stone
No color enhancer. No polish. No sealing. With us only the pure stone comes to the stove. Finely polished or sandblasted unique specimens. Millions of years old footprints of the earth's history. Discover ournatural stone claddings!

Double check
"How much kW does he have?" This question is often asked. And means: is the stove rather tested with a lot of wood (i.e. demonstrably designed for large heat demand) or rather with little (i.e. burns with low emissions even with a small wood load)? We treat ourselves to both.