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  • Huge combustion chamber
  • Dimensionally stable, robust cast-iron door
  • Durable firebox floor made of cast iron
  • Closable grate for clean combustion
  • fire+ combustion control and catalyst optionally available

fire+ combustion control
Optional accessories

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At home with Daniela

We wave goodbye from the window. “Have you noticed that the kids are visiting more often lately?” “I wonder what they’re really here for.” We both glance over at our new stove, its huge combustion chamber, and the irresistibly cosy fire crackling within. VARESE 3: Come together!

The firebox giant

Green reasons for the VARESE 3 by DROOFF

Electronic combustion control fire+
Optimum combustion completely automatically and at all times.
With less than half the emissions permitted by law.

Emission reduction of up to 56 %.
Turning clean into truly pure.

Double check
"How much kW does he have?" This question is often asked. And means: is the stove rather tested with a lot of wood (i.e. demonstrably designed for large heat demand) or rather with little (i.e. burns with low emissions even with a small wood load)? We treat ourselves to both.

Indestructible cast iron
Wherever possible, we manufacture doors, grates or firebox bases from grey cast iron. This recyclable and indestructible material can neither warp nor bend. And is suitable for temperatures beyond 1,000 degrees! Learn more about ourquality features!