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Fascination Fire
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The first
stove with the
Blue Angel.

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Make fire. Save nature.

Since time immemorial, the mastery of fire has been of central importance to mankind. Only those who could make fire protected the family from enemies and cold, gave the old sociability and the young security. We continue this eternal tradition. In the spirit of our ancestors and in the spirit of our descendants. Our modern fireplaces offer the whole family both the archaic fun of making a fire and the good feeling of making a contribution to environmental protection.

Kleines Kind spielt im Schnee im Wald
At home with Finn

Fire for generations

"Winter time at grandma and grandpa's. It hurts like hell when your hands are frozen. On the AROLA the cocoa is already getting hot. And it feels damn good! Grandpa always says that heating with the AROLA is an important contribution to my future. Not only climate-neutral - but also particularly clean!"

to the stove AROLA
Photo of the APRICA 2 Edition Trend stove in a living room

The first stove with the Blue Angel label

Our APRICA 2 is the first stove to bear the well-known Blue Angel eco-label. And has thus passed what is probably the toughest stove test in Germany.

Frau sitzt lesend in einem Stuhl vor ihrem DROOFF Kaminofen
Living in Hygge style

On her Instagram accountholz.haeuschen, Nadin regularly opens the door and shows what cosy living in hygge style can look like. The centerpiece of her cozy rooftop-only home: The VARESE 3 by DROOFF.

To the home story

Why choose a stove from DROOFF?

We aim to build the cleanest stoves in the world. That's why our stoves stand for state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent designs that think along with you. For a better tomorrow and a greener future.

We are "green".

From production to marketing, we work sustainably. We drive emissions out of every model as best we can. And for every stove sold, we plant (at least) one tree. That's quite a lot! Find out here what makes our stoves so distinctly environmentally friendly!

We are Sauerlanders.

We come from one of the most densely wooded regions in Germany. From a low mountain region with long winters and lots of snow. We simply know our way around warming fireplaces!

We are innovative.

The pursuit of clean combustion technology, ease of operation and inspiring functionality drives us. And gives us an incredible amount of pleasure! Discover our fire+ combustion control, for example!

We're double-checking.

"How much kW does he have?" This question is often asked. And means: is the stove rather tested with a lot of wood (thus demonstrably designed for large heat demand) or rather with little (thus burns with low emissions even with a small wood load)? We treat ourselves to both.

Tree Story
We reforest

As the most effective carbon dioxide destroyer, trees are the most effective and at the same time the simplest way to do something good for nature. In 2007, DROOFF took the "Kyrill" storm of the century as an opportunity to launch the "Tree Story" project. Since then, we have been planting a tree for every stove sold. By buying a DROOFF stove, you help nature twice: You heat climate-neutrally and give life to a tree.

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