Highest quality standards

For the most part, the manufacture of DROOFF wood-burning stoves is still a craft in the best sense of the word. Our stoves are constructed of materials which years of experience have shown to be perfect for the purpose.

Why DROOFF? discover

We want to inspire people with whom the environment and design are equally important. For this we need one thing above all: quality!

High-quality materials

Stoves with a short life span and with poor combustion technology are simply not fun - and they do not burden our environment unnecessarily. That is why we always design our stoves with the requirement that function and combustion technology are much better than the statutory standards stipulate. To achieve this, we only use high-quality materials that are subject to regular testing.

  • Rugged doors and firebox elements of GG20-type grey iron
  • High-density abrasion-proof fireclay forms the firebox lining in our stoves and also provides effective storage for heat.
  • Cool handles and operating elements of stainless steel
  • Our viewing windows are made only of ceramic glass produced by SCHOTT

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Well-conceived design

The lacquer

State-of-the-art lacquer of type THERMODUR 600 ASS which is already hardened at delivery and does not have to be "baked" the first time the fire is lit.

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