Quality of facing

The stone facings on Drooff wood-burning stoves are millions of year old and every one is unique. The raw material is obtained at great effort from isolated and inaccessible quarries in Asia and Europe where it is hewn out of the mountainside in blocks weighing many tons. After months at sea the stone arrives via the port of Hamburg at the workshops of our masons in the Burgen and Heideland of Saxony and in Lombardy in Italy. There it is processed with great accuracy down to a tenth of a millimetre to produce stove facings in a wonderful variety of grains and colours. They are not just attractive to the eye. They are dense in material and store heat long after the fire has gone out.

Our natural stone linings are several million-year-old unique pieces - each one a footprint of the earth's history!

The DROOFF natural stone facings

Speckstein | 2.980kg/m³
Brazil and Finland
WhiteRock | 2.690 kg/m³
Turkey, Antalya
PremiumWhite | 2.340 kg/m³
Portugal, Alentejo
Wenge | 2.580 kg/m³
China, Guangzhou
SandStone | 2.230 kg/m³
China, Himalayas
NatStone | 2.470 kg/m³
Italy, Lombardy

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