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Our quality

The production of DROOFF stoves is still largely handicraft in the best tradition. For the construction of our stoves, we use only high-quality, resilient and recyclable materials that have proven themselves over many years of experience.

» We want to inspire people who care equally about the environment and design. For this we need one thing above all: quality! «

High quality materials

Stoves with a short life span and poor combustion technology are simply no fun - and pollute our environment unnecessarily. That's why we always design DROOFF stoves with the claim that function and combustion technology are significantly better than the legally prescribed standards. To achieve this, we use only high-quality materials that are regularly tested.

  • Indestructible doors and combustion chamber elements made of grey cast iron of quality GG 20
  • Particularly abrasion-resistant stove chamotte with a high specific weight
  • Cool handles and operating elements made of stainless steel
  • Large fire viewing panels of the best quality from SCHOTT

The varnish

State-of-the-art lacquering with THERMODUR 600 ASS - this lacquer is already hardened on delivery and does not have to be baked in with the first heating.