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Therefore DROOFF

We are not the only manufacturer of modern stoves. So why should DROOFF be your first choice?

Hopefully, the most important argument is that you share an idea with us. The idea that an energy source that people have been using for thousands of years can also be used to make the world of today and tomorrow a better place.

Wood fire has provided shelter, social life and food to people from the beginning. Even today, the fascination of fire and the cosy radiant heat are incomparable. People like to gather around the fire more than in any other place and come to rest. We need the wood-burning stove to shape the heat revolution and preserve our climate for future generations. By replacing fossil fuels with wood wherever we can.

But there are many more answers to the question "Why DROOFF?". Because our stoves convince with a variety of partly unique product features and technical innovations.

We are "green".

From production to marketing, we work sustainably. We drive emissions out of every model as best we can. And for every stove sold, we plant (at least) one tree. That's quite a lot! Find out here what makes our stoves so distinctly environmentally friendly.

We are Sauerlanders.

We come from one of the most densely wooded regions in Germany. From a low mountain region with long winters and lots of snow. We simply know our way around warming fireplaces!

We are innovative.

The pursuit of clean combustion technology, ease of operation and inspiring functionality drives us. Discover our fire+ combustion control system, for example!

We love cast iron.

Wherever possible, we manufacture doors, grates or firebox bases from grey cast iron. This recyclable and indestructible material can neither warp nor bend. And is suitable for temperatures beyond 1,000 degrees! Learn more about our quality features!

There's no shaking with us.

A fireplace fire should burn in peace. "Vibrating grates" bring nothing - except dust emissions. Our grates can be closed gently at the bottom without the wood moving at the top. Burning without air from below is then called "pure wood burning". And this is not only fairly beautiful, but also fairly clean!

We're double-checking.

"How much kW does he have?" This question is often asked. And means: is the stove rather tested with a lot of wood (thus demonstrably designed for large heat demand) or rather with little (thus burns with low emissions even with a small wood load)? We treat ourselves to both.

We make honest stone.

No color intensifier. No polish. No sealing. With us, only the pure stone goes to the stove. Finely polished or sandblasted unique specimens. Millions of years old footprints of the earth's history. Discover our natural stone claddings!