Well-conceived design

We have developed the highest standards of quality not only in the materials we use, but also in the design of our wood-burning stoves.

The ash-rust

Large, lockable ashtrays allow a fast burning-up phase in the open state and a simple and clean ash removal after the burn-up. The closed ash-rust prevents the penetration of embers into the ash box and allows the classic wood burning technique with high efficiency and a minimum ash content.

The nominal heating-capacity

Our models are basically tested for two nominal heating capacities. So you can be confident that every DROOFF stove is ideally suited for smaller and / or well insulated as well as for larger installation areas with high heat demand. This prevents overheating of small rooms and a long heating phase in large rooms.

The air-regulation

By a special geometry of the air regulation, the combustion air is precisely adapted to the individual pulling and burning conditions. DROOFF stoves therefore achieve a particularly clean combustion process.

The air vents close absolutely tight and prevent false air. The flame reacts directly to each new slide position. The special quality of the Teflon coated slides can also be seen in the quiet, gentle operation.

The pane scavenging air is routed through ducts to the side of the combustion chamber and comes preheated to the pane. Thus, the pane is burned particularly thoroughly and remains clean for a long time.

In houses with a ventilation system, only stoves which have been tested according to a special standard may be operated. Almost all DROOFF stoves are available with DIBt-tested technology, depending on the room air, and can be connected as standard either downwards or rearwards to the outside air.

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