Heat intelligently stored

Heat-storage rings of special DROOFFolith are available as accessories for our stove types ANDALO 2, LOVERO 2, SOLARO 2 and LIVERA. These allow you to store warmth effectively and long. 

DROOFFolith - The heat storage wonder

DROOFFolith  has a high density of 3,7 kg/dm3 and, thanks to its innovative surface structure, heats up to over 200°C after just 3 hours of stove operation. The heat stored is then released slowly into the atmosphere of the room – for up to 10 hours! This allows even more efficient use of fire and fuel. So DROOFFolith will even heat your living room during the night while you are asleep!

The DROOFFolith storage technology saves more heat compared to conventional storage materials and gives it off to the room over a longer period of time.

  • Efficient heating
  • Long-lasting heat dissipation
  • Sustainable technology
  • Fuel saving

Learn more about our water-heating stoves

Water-heating stoves manufactured by DROOFF offer an even more efficient and flexible means of storing warmth. These make it possible for you to use the heat from your stoves in all the rooms of your house at any time. Precisely controlled and economical heating!


The water-heating technology

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