Heating with wood - The right way

When used correctly, wood allows you heat economically and environmentally friendly

With well seasoned wood locally obtained and a correctly-operated modern water-heating stove from DROOFF, you can save money and make an important contribution to protecting the environment.

Stoke your stove only with sufficient fuel to cover your actual heating requirements. Remember that the combustion technology of wood-burning stoves has undergone a process of development comparable to that of the car engine.

Their vastly improved efficiency allows you to achieve the heat you require with a much lower quantity of fuel than you would expect from other types of stove. Operate your stove as described in the instructions. This reduces costs and prolongs the life span of your stove.

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Please use dry wood only. When stored in a dry well-ventilated place which is protected from the elements, logs need about 1,5 to 2,5 years to achieve a residual moisture content of 15% to 19%. That is when they burn best. To measure the moisture content of wood, hold a standard moisture-measuring device against the middle of a freshly split log. Too much water in the wood causes a number of problems such as soot formation, blackened viewing windows and excessive smoke emission.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs the industrial association House, Heating and Kitchen Technology has produced useful guidelines for heating correctly with wood: www.richtigheizenmitholz.de



This year, the 25,000th DROOFF VARESE stove was produced and delivered to the Colnrade stove-dealer. Just in time for Nikolaus-Day, Björn Dauskardt received the custom built stove VARESE with company logo and hand-made control elements made of burlwood.


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