Wood - The economical fuel

Using wood as fuel makes us independent of imports from geopolitically sensitive areas such as the Middle East and North Africa as well as strengthening the local economy.

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Your saving potential - Heating with wood

1 cubic metre of stacked beech wood corresponds roughly to 184 litres of heating oil or 210 m³ of natural gas. The price of heating oil and natural gas are of course subject to seasonal and regional fluctuation, but the savings in cost which you can achieve with a wood-burning stove are considerable.


daily heating hous at 9 kW powerannual wood consumption (225 days)savings in oil per yearsavings in gas per year
hoursstached m³ beechlitres


With Germany's sustainable system of forestry the amount of wood harvested never exceeds the amount growing back. This guarantees not only availability but also independence with regard to shortages and fluctuations in price of fossil fuels which are becoming more and more common.

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