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Catalyst for stove

Building the cleanest stoves in the world has been our ambition from the very beginning. The carbon monoxide emissions of our stoves are already around 50% below the legal limits. But is there more to it than clean? Of course there is! For our best-selling APRICA 2 and VARESE 3 models, we offer modern catalytic converters from Blue Fire GmbH, which reduce CO emissions by a further 50%. Because the motto for environmentally conscious families is: climate-neutral heating with wood. And as cleanly as possible!

How does a catalytic converter for stoves work?

Our catalysts made of special sponge ceramics with high-temperature stable precious metal coating are located in the upper area of the combustion chamber. The exhaust gases from the combustion flow through the catalyst and come into contact with the special active surface of the catalyst. Harmful gases react with oxygen with the help of the catalyst and emission levels are drastically reduced. In addition, the flame pattern as well as the burning behaviour is significantly improved!

Important: Do not use soft woods containing resin (e.g. spruce, pine), as this can lead to wear and blocking of the catalyst.

A perfect team: catalytic converter for stoves and fire+ combustion control system

To ensure that the catalytic converter not only functions perfectly, but also remains maintenance-free, it requires a special temperature range on a permanent basis. To ensure this temperature range, we only offer our catalytic converters in combination with the fire+ electronic burn-off control. In addition to the appropriate temperatures, this also always ensures comfortable, efficient and clean combustion. The air slide adjusts itself automatically depending on the amount of wood, combustion situation and chimney draught. You can find out more about the fire+ combustion control here.

With the electrostatic dust collector OekoTube to the Blue Angel stove

Equip our APRICA 2 additionally with an electrostatic dust collector from the company OekoSolve AG. This way, you will become the proud owner of a DROOFF stove, which was the first stove in Germany to be awarded the Blue Angel. With our APRICA 2 with Blue Angel, you can trust that we have really pulled out all the stops for innovative environmental technology. You can find out more about the Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves here!

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