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Familie macht einen Spaziergang über Felder und erkundet die Natur

Clean environment

Environmental protection is close to our hearts. For this reason, we claim to build the cleanest stoves in the world. But not only that. We want to make the world a little better. That's why, for example, we have been planting a tree for every stove sold for around 15 years.


Discover our Tree Story

What makes our stoves so special? An overview:

Sophisticated combustion technology
The perfect air supply.
For a great flame and the cleanest combustion possible.

Intelligent design
"Form follows function" - this is the golden rule in product design, which is why we do not compromise on durability and functionality.

Electronic combustion control fire+
Optimum combustion fully automatically and at all times.
With less than half the legally permitted emissions.

DROOFFolith heat storage
Efficient and sustainable heat storage.
For cosy stove warmth up to 10 hours after the last burn.

Catalytic converter
Emissions reduced by up to 56 %.
For high level emission values.

Blue Angel
The most innovative form of environmental technology for stoves.
Our APRICA 2 is the first stove to bear the well-known eco-label!

Sophisticated combustion technology

DROOFF combustion technology ensures the perfect air supply: preheated, optimally dosed and in exactly the right place. The environment is happy. And you'll be thrilled with bright flames, a clean pane and especially little ash.

Almost all DROOFF stoves are available with DIBt-tested technology, independent of room air, and can be connected to outside air either downwards or at the back as standard.

This is what distinguishes our combustion technology:

  • hardly any fine dust
  • minimal CO emission
  • high efficiency
  • low fuel consumption

Intelligent design

We focus on two things in our design: durability and ease of use. That's why we build stoves that are particularly robust. And which are comfortable to use. Because only a permanently sealed, perfectly functioning stove and the correct operation allow efficient, environmentally friendly and climate-neutral use.

The ash grate

Large, closable ash grates allow a quick burning phase when open and simple and clean ash removal after burning. The closed sliding grate prevents embers from falling through into the ash box, where they could no longer burn optimally. You benefit from classic wood burning technology with high efficiency and minimal ash content.

Heat outputs

Did you know? Our models are tested for an extensive heat output range between a partial load of 3.0 kW and a nominal load of 6.0 kW. This concerns the models ANDALO 3, APRICA 2 (except APRICA 2 Cook), BRUNELLO 2, CATANIA, FORANO, LIVERA 2 and VARESE 3. All other DROOFF stoves have been tested for two nominal heat outputs. Accordingly, all DROOFF stoves more than fulfil a wide variety of customer requirements. 

Our test centres:

  • Rhein-Ruhr Feuerstätten Prüfstelle GmbH in Drolshagen
  • DBI GTI gGmbH in Freiberg

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