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Kaminofen mit der fire+ Abbrandsteuerung steht im Wohnzimmer

electronic combustion control fire+

Environmentally conscious heating at the touch of a button: It's freezing cold outside. Your only wish after an extensive winter walk: to immerse yourself as quickly as possible in the cosy flickering and comforting warmth of your stove. The match hisses, the kindling begins to crackle and with the closing of the stove door, relaxation begins. Because the air slide slides into the right position as if by magic and you know your fire is in the very best hands, thanks to our electronic combustion control fire+!

A burnup control has many advantages

Our electronic combustion control fire+ relieves you of the manual control of the combustion air and informs you of the perfect time to add fuel. The result: a fantastic flame pattern, less wood consumption, minimal emissions, high efficiency - and stress-free heat enjoyment!

The electronic combustion control fire+ is available for all DROOFF wood-burning stoves, except for the APRICA 2 Cook.

    Advantages of the fire+ at a glance:

    • convenient operation
    • Avoidance of operating errors
    • emission values and efficiency at top level
    • less wood consumption
    • fantastic flame pattern
    • Display of the perfect time to add fuel
    • control of the stove via app in the whole WLAN area of the house
    • easy change to manual control at any time
    • minimized draught fluctuations and temperature peaks

    How does the electronic combustion control fire+ work?

    Our electronic combustion control fire+ ensures optimum combustion. It protects the environment and reduces your heating costs!

    With a stove with manual control, there are many things to consider during the course of the day. This is because each combustion phase requires certain amounts of air, which have to be controlled manually via a regulator. The stove is often operated incorrectly - to the detriment of the environment and your wallet. Only when the amount of wood, air supply and combustion chamber temperature are optimally coordinated can the fire burn efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

    The fire+ combustion control continuously measures the combustion chamber temperature and chimney fraught. The results are evaluated by a microcontroller. The fire+ regulates the air supply depending on the amount of wood, combustion phase and chimney draught not only automatically, but also observably for you: The air slider visibly moves to the optimum position in each case. The result is consistently perfect combustion cycles. You benefit from a high degree of efficiency with less wood consumption.

    If the basic embers are too cold, a new layer of wood ignites poorly. Either superfluous emissions are produced or you even have to repeat the heating process. It's a good thing that the fire+ always shows you the right time window to add wood in good time. Your stove flares up again at the optimum residual temperature. And the cosiness goes into the next round ...

    For maximum safety: if the draught sensor detects a lack of delivery pressure, an acoustic signal will warn you!

    DROOFF stoves burn twice as cleanly with the fire+ as required by law (according to the 1st BImSchV).

    Different programs for individual requirements

    Various programs are available:
    Adjust continuously between Power and Eco modes.

    Power provides rapid heat in rooms that have cooled down and is particularly suitable for less well-insulated houses. Eco, on the other hand, is recommended for low-energy houses or rooms that have already been heated. At this level, the focus is on energy saving.

    At the end of operation, the air slide is automatically closed to keep the embers burning for a long time and to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

    The electronic combustion control fire+ is child's play to operate

    The fire+ can be operated directly on the stove via toggle and rotary switches or via a web app*. The practical app allows you to check the temperature, change settings and keep an eye on the right time to add fuel anywhere in the house. A glance at your mobile phone, tablet or notebook is all it takes!

    * An optional control panel is available for the APRICA 2, AROLA, GARDA and VARESE 3 models, whose toggle and rotary switches make it child's play to operate the fire+ in addition to the app.

    The first endurance burning stoves for logs

    Our endurance burning stoves for logs:

    Only half as much wood is needed for a few hours of cosy stove ambience. You save money and protect the environment!

    Thanks to combustion control to the continuous combustion furnace

    A so-called continuous fire stove burns for hours with only one fuel layer and then keeps the embers. Until now, however, the "endurance burning" function was only possible using coal as the fuel. But hard coal and lignite have the decisive disadvantage that they use fossil fuels, which are harmful to our climate. That's why DROOFF was the first manufacturer to develop wood-burning stoves that also meet the requirements for continuous burning with wood.

    And it works like this: In a conventional fireplace stove, a layer of wood burns for about 45 minutes. This is not the case with DROOFF stoves, which are equipped with the electronic combustion control fire+ and are certified as permanent fire stoves. The electronic combustion control fire+ automatically creates optimal combustion conditions and can more than double the burn-off time. This means that logs added to the bed of embers still light up by themselves even after hours.

    So only half as much wood is needed for a few hours of cosy stove ambience. You save money and protect the environment!