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Slow-combustion stoves for logs

Cosy warmth that lasts for hours: we have successfully realised our idea to develop the first log-burning slow-combustion stoves.  Thanks to their efficiency and long combustion time, DROOFF slow-combustion stoves guarantee cosy temperatures for hours – with only a single load of wood. Unwind on the sofa in the evening, knowing that your fire is in the best hands with fire+ combustion control. The electronic combustion control automatically ensures optimal combustion conditions, giving you more time to snuggle up and relax!

How does a wood-burning slow-combustion stove work?

A slow-combustion stove burns for hours on just one load of fuel and keeps the embers aglow. Until now, this “slow combustion” function was only available using coal as fuel. However, coal and lignite have the major disadvantage of being fossil fuels that harm our climate. That’s why DROOFF became the first manufacturer to develop stoves that fulfil the requirements for slow combustion using wood.

How it works: In a conventional stove, one load of wood burns for around 45 minutes. This is not the case with DROOFF stoves, which are equipped with  fire+ electronic combustion control and certified as slow-combustion stoves. The fire+ combustion control automatically creates optimal combustion conditions and can more than double the combustion time. Logs placed on the firebed continue to kindle the fire for hours unassisted.


Only half as much wood is needed to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the fireplace for a couple of hours. You save money and protect the environment!

An energy-saving miracle: log-burning slow-combustion stoves

DROOFF is the first manufacturer to develop log-burning stoves that fulfil the strict requirements for energy-saving slow-combustion stoves. By using wood as fuel, our stoves also enable sustainable, CO2-neutral heating. 

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long-lasting warmth: 
    With a wood-burning slow-combustion stove with fire+ combustion control, the combustion time can be extended to as long as 90 minutes.
  • Low wood consumption and high heating cost savings: 
    Thanks to the automatic combustion control, wood consumption is up to 50% lower (compared with stoves without fire+, when starting with the same amount of wood).
  • Comfort:
    Thanks to the long combustion process, the wood can be replenished less frequently.
  • Sustainable heating: 
    With fire+ combustion control, manual operating errors are eliminated. This makes the combustion exceptionally clean and low in emissions.
Neuheit fire+ Puck Fernbedienung
Thanks to combustion control for slow combustion

All DROOFF stoves that are certified as slow-combustion stoves are equipped with fire+ electronic combustion control. This automatically ensures optimal combustion. fire+ can be either controlled online via a web application, using an optional control panel on the stove, or using our new fire+ Puck smart remote control. (Please order separately. Not included in the standard scope of delivery)

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