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Not only climate-neutral and low-emission heating is a matter close to our hearts. We also keep sustainability and recycling firmly in mind when designing and manufacturing our stoves.

Our recycling-optimised design ensures that parts can be dismantled and materials separated as easily, carefully and quickly as possible. This enables recycling companies to recover sorted materials particularly thoroughly and efficiently. That is why we take the following cornerstones of environmentally friendly design to heart when developing our stoves:

As little material diversity as possible

We rely on a few, particularly proven and durable materials. A DROOFF stove consists of more than 99 % steel, cast iron, fireclay and glass ceramic.

Particularly easy to dismantle

Components made of different materials are held together exclusively with plug-in or screw connections. Different materials are very easy to identify and easily accessible.

No use of recycling-critical substances

A DROOFF stove is primarily made of steel and cast iron - materials that can be recycled again and again without loss. The German steel industry alone uses more than 20 million tons of scrap steel and iron every year to make new products.

Fireclay and optional natural stone cladding are reused as crushed stone. For our fireplace panels, we rely exclusively on glass ceramic from SCHOTT - produced from recycled glass and recyclable again.

In order to guarantee a particularly high tightness of door and air slide and to avoid so-called "false air", which would disturb a clean combustion, we use an air slide element made of Teflon and gaskets made of glass fibre. Unfortunately, these components can only be thermally recycled - but weigh only a few grams. This means that a DROOFF stove is almost 100% recyclable.