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Kaminofen mit blauen Engelsflügeln und dem Umweltzeichen Blauer Engel

The first stove with the Blue Angel label

DROOFF HAS IT BLUE ON WHITE: The APRICA 2 is the first stove to bear the well-known Blue Angel eco-label. And has thus passed what is probably the toughest stove test in Germany.

A stove with the Blue Angel meets the highest standards

Heating with wood - especially with the most modern combustion technology - is an important contribution to environmental and climate protection. The DROOFF wood-burning stoves are particularly well below all the strict limits of the 1st BImSchV. In addition, the already excellent emission values are reduced by approx. 30 % with the innovative fire+ combustion control. That should actually be enough to meet all the requirements and demands - right?

In fact, some local authorities, especially in inner-city areas, require an even higher standard for new buildings when installing a stove: namely the "Blue Angel".

In addition, the APRICA 2 with Blue Angel is of course of interest to all particularly environmentally conscious heating enthusiasts: Is it not enough for you to operate a DROOFF stove that easily undercuts all limit values? With our APRICA 2 with Blue Angel, you can trust that we have really pulled out all the stops for innovative environmental technology!

Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves - what is actually behind it?

The Blue Angel is the best-known environmental label in Germany and is awarded for particularly environmentally friendly products. For over 40 years, the Blue Angel has set high standards for environmental, health and usage properties. The Blue Angel can also be applied for by stove manufacturers since January 2020.

For certification, stoves must meet very strict criteria during a demanding test procedure, which even significantly exceed the legal requirements of the 1st BImSchV.

You can find more information about the Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves here.

The Blue Angel is only earned by a stove that complies with extremely strict limits even without a dust collector. Thanks to the Blue Fire catalytic converter and the DROOFF fire+ combustion control, the APRICA 2 has passed this particularly tough test with flying colours. But only with the highly effective dust separator OekoTube, which removes another 95 % of the dust particles from the flue gases, can the APRICA 2 officially adorn itself with the well-known Blue Angel eco-label.

Nevertheless, you can be sure: Even if you do without a dust collector and therefore do not purchase an official Blue Angel stove, you still own an extremely clean stove.

The APRICA 2 with official Blue Angel can only be purchased with the following three additional components:

The APRICA 2 with Blue Angel is available in countless variants

To ensure that the APRICA 2 fits in with any ambience, it is available in countless possible combinations: in various heights, in black steel, optionally with the NatStone, SandStone, PremiumWhite or NoxPetra stone cladding, in a classic cast-iron look or modern with a printed all-glass door and with or without a wooden compartment door.

FAQ: Purchase, installation, operation & service

Would you like to equip your home with one of the most environmentally friendly stoves currently available on the German market? Then you certainly still have a few questions.

Who is my contractual partner?

Your contract partner is your personal local DROOFF dealer. He will advise you on all matters concerning the APRICA 2 with Blue Angel, e.g. costs, functions, installation options and connection. You purchase both the stove and the additional components from your DROOFF dealer. He will then take care of the professional installation and instruct you in the optimal operation.

What additional work do I have to expect during installation?

The OekoTube must be mounted in the chimney (e.g. attic) or on the chimney head. Mounting is not a major effort, but a power connection is required at this point.

Does a Blue Angel stove operate differently from a conventional stove?

Operation is absolutely identical from lighting to emptying the ash pan. The fire+ takes the manual control of the combustion air away from you and shows you the perfect time to add fuel - that's a great comfort gain. One difference is, One difference is that the chimney sweep will have to remove the collected fine dust more often if the stove is used frequently. This is not necessary if the stove is used occasionally.

Who takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of the additional components?

The cleaning and maintenance of the OekoTube dust collector is carried out with the regular chimney cleaning by your district chimney sweep. Please note that it is mandatory for the chimney sweep to carry out an inspection within the first month of operation and to determine a cleaning interval.

The catalytic converter and the fire+ combustion control are maintenance-free.