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Stove with heat accumulator

A Sunday morning in late autumn. The wind whistles loudly around the house. The rain pelts incessantly against your bedroom window. The mere thought of leaving your cozy, warm bed now gives you goosebumps. But imagine walking straight into a cosy, warm living room - without any additional heating costs. A stove with heat storage makes it possible!

How does a stove with heat accumulator work?

The DROOFFolith heat storage rings store your stove heat and then release it into the room in a well-dosed manner for up to 10 hours. This way you use the fire efficiently and sustainably!

DROOFFolith is available for the following models:
LIVERA Panorama L

    The advantages of DROOFFolith heat storage rings at a glance:

    • special recipe with extremely high density (3.7 kg/dm³)
    • better storage capacity than soapstone
    • constant heat output without power peaks for up to 10 hours
    • Saving of firewood

    A stove with heat storage: DROOFFolith simply explained

    The special DROOFFolite formula gives our storage rings a particularly high density - even greater than that of soapstone - and an excellent heat storage capacity. The innovative design of the storage rings ensures that the hot air takes the longest possible turbine-like path around the storage block. In this way, the heat is stored effectively.

    Thanks to the extremely high density of 3.7 kg/dm³ and the innovative surface structure, DROOFFolith heats up to over 200 °C after only 3 hours of operation and thus stores the heat gained from the stove. Compared to conventional storage materials, DROOFFolith absorbs significantly more heat and releases it into the room in doses over a longer period of time.

    Individually controlling a stove with a heat accumulator

    Would you like to individually control the heat storage and release of your stove with heat accumulator?

    Then equip your stove with an additional adjustable top plate. This keeps part of the heat in the closed state in the stove for the time being. This means that the storage block heats up after only a short time. By opening the top plate, the stored energy can leave the stove and pleasantly warm the surroundings. Another advantage is that you can control the extent to which the stored heat is released. If the top plate remains closed, the heat is evenly released into the room for up to 10 hours. If you open the top plate, your room will be heated more quickly.