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Our Tree Story - We are reforesting!

Reforestation is the most effective measure against climate change.

In 2007, DROOFF took the "Kyrill" storm of the century as an opportunity to launch the "Tree Story" project. Since then, we have been planting a tree for every stove sold. And we do this exclusively with a wide variety of native species, so that healthy mixed forests are created.

Since then, 50,000 trees have been planted in Germany and Austria. And more and more are being planted.

With a DROOFF stove, you help nature twice: you heat climate-neutrally and give life to a tree.

DROOFF stoves stand for environmental awareness and technical innovation that not only protect nature but also your wallet. With our forward-looking idea, you can easily contribute to environmental protection, because for every environmentally friendly DROOFF stove, we plant a tree and help reforest our forests.

As the most effective carbon dioxide destroyer, trees are the most effective and at the same time the easiest way to do something good for nature. Did you know that we owe more to trees than fresh air and shade in summer? We explain why you should become an environmental saviour too!

» A tree filters up to 100 kilograms of dust per year from the air through its leaves or needles. «

Hände umarmen einen Baum mit einem roten Herz von hinten

A fully grown spruce has already stored a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. At the same time, the tree filters water for itself and its surroundings and thus ensures the natural nutrient exchange of the forest. Global deforestation is endangering the balance of nature. The consequences are not only serious for flora and fauna, but ultimately also for us humans. Climate change, species extinction and air pollution are common terms nowadays. Together we can stand up for the preservation of our forests and thus continue to enjoy the unique facets of nature in the future.

If every German were to plant a tree today, 132,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide would already be stored in 100 years, thus making a valuable contribution to the preservation of nature. So don't just opt for a CO₂-neutral stove, but also for a greener future.

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