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Water leading stove

It's been a long, cold, wet winter. The annual heating bill flutters into the house. A hefty additional payment. Not least because of the new CO₂ tax. You're annoyed! Heating with oil is not only harmful to the climate, but also increasingly expensive. It's time to make a change!

Cost-saving and climate-friendly heating with a water-bearing stove

With a water-bearing stove from DROOFF you heat cheaply and sustainably. You are almost independent of fossil fuels and protect the climate. Store the heat of your stove for several days and use the energy of your firewood in all rooms of your house. Feed both your heating and your domestic water with ecologically obtained heat.

The advantages of a water-bearing stove from DROOFF
at a glance:

  • attractive heating cost savings of up to 50
  • Heating and hot water independent of fossil fuels
  • use of stored hot water in the entire house, even days after the last stove operation
  • optimal support for your heat pump, when the expensive electric heater comes on in sub-zero temperatures

Finally turn up the heating or take a hot bath with a clear conscience!

How does a water-bearing stove work?

A DROOFF water-bearing stove is connected to the central heating system as an additional energy supplier. During the combustion ofwood in a stove, a lot of energy is released, which flows through your stove in the form of hot gases. A stove without water technology releases this energy to the room where it is installed as radiant and convection heat. A water-bearing stove from DROOFF uses the energy to additionally heat a water pocket built into the stove.

Approx. 2/3 of the heat is released to the water pocket. The remaining 1/3 is released into the room as pleasant radiant and convection heat. So you can enjoy the cosiness of the crackling fire even if your installation room is small or your building is well insulated. The energy dissipated to the buffer storage tank prevents your installation room from overheating.

The heated water reaches the buffer storage tank via a control and pump system. This serves as an intermediate station for the stored heat, which can then be used as heating and service water throughout the house over several days. The heat transport takes place in a closed circuit.Aboiler safety group andathermal discharge safety device ensure that the safety of the system is always guaranteed, even in the event of incorrect operation or power failure.

Which components belong to a water-bearing stove?

Thecontroland pump system
The control and pump system consists of a return temperature boost (high-efficiency pump), a differential temperature controller (control) and a return temperature boost (bypass). Together, these components provide an intelligent connection between the water-bearing stove and the central heating system. The water heated in the stove is made directly available to the heating system - energy-saving and simple.

Temperature difference controller (TDR)
The temperature difference controller is used for automatic control of the Regumat/Laddomat.

Boiler safety group (KSG) incl.pressure gauge
The boiler safety group is used for pressure-side protection and venting of closed hot water heating systems. The KSG controls the system pressure of the water-bearing stove, serves as an overpressure valve and thus ensures your safety even in the event of overheating or incorrect operation. The compact component contains important components such as shut-off valves, backflow preventer, pressure gauge and vent valve. Everything is well packed in a heat insulation shell.

Returnflowtemperature increase (FLOWBOX KLS)
This unit ensures that a certain water temperature (> 65 °C) always flows back into the furnace. This prevents the formation of glossy soot on the water-cooled walls and the associated sooting of the stove.

And this is how it works!

In heating-up mode - the "small circuit"
In order to avoid condensation and gloss soot on the heat exchanger surfaces, rapid heating-up and water temperatures of more than 55 °C are necessary. Therefore, the combustion chamber is first brought to operating temperature before the heating circuit pump is switched on. When the water temperature exceeds 58 °C, a certain part of the flow is added to the return flow via a bypass (return flow temperature increase) "in the small circuit".

During operation - the "large circuit"
The temperature difference controller (TDR) controls the volume flow to the buffer tank during operation. It ensures a consistently high temperature level and efficient buffer loading. As the temperature of the buffer tank increases, the proportion of the admixed flow decreases until the entire volume flow circulates in the large circuit. Depending on the water temperatures between the water-bearing stove and the buffer storage tank, the water is only fed into the buffer when there is a sufficiently high temperature difference.

The thermal discharge safety device
The thermal discharge safety device is an emergency cooling system for your water-bearing stove. Should your water-bearing DROOFF stove ever get too hot (e.g. because the pump is not running due to a power failure), the Thermal Overflow Protection ensures that the stove is cooled down with cold tap water. All water-bearing DROOFF stoves are already equipped with a pre-installed thermal discharge safety device.

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Stay independent - with a water-bearing stove from DROOFF

Our supply of fossil fuel reserves is finite and highly threatened by geopolitical crises. Gas and oil reserves are located in countries like Russia, Syria or Iran. A water-bearing stove from DROOFF makes you largely independent of impending supply gaps and energy price explosions.

Connection to the heating system is very simple, but must be carried out by a specialist (central heating and ventilation installer).

You have further questions? No problem! Contact us or one of our specialist dealers. We will be happy to help you.

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