The control and pumping system

The connection to the central heating system.

A control and pumping system consists of a return-flow temperature increase (high-efficiency pump) and a temperature-difference regulator (control device). These two components ensure an intelligent link between the stove and the central-heating unit. The water heated by the stove is fed directly to the heating system – an easy way to save energy!

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The components

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Temperature difference controller for automatic control of the Regumat or Laddomat
Boiler safety assembly including manometer

Heating mode - the small circulation

Heating mode - the large circulation

With the aid of the temperature-difference regulator (TDR) you can determine at what point the valves should open in order to mix water from the storage tank with the water heated by the stove in the "large circuit". The TDR controls when the pump should be switched on and off, and in continued operation ensures that the return temperature does not drop below the value set.

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