Warm water from your stove

Wood-fired heating your home in its most innovative and intelligent form. A DROOFF stove with a water-heating system improves the energy balance of your house and saves you money!

Our water-heating stoves

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You benefit in three ways

  1. You enjoy the cosiness and comfort of a crackling fire in your DROOFF stove, even if the room is small or your house is well insulated. The heat conducted to the storage tank prevents the room from becoming overheated and uncomfortable.
  2. The heat generated by your DROOFF stove and stored in the water tank is available for days after in all the rooms of your house.
  3. Our supply of fossil fuels is not infinite and can be seriously affected by geopolitical crises of all kinds. Important reserves of gas and oil lie in countries such as Russia, Syria and Iran. A water-heating stove from DROOFF gives you a high degree of independence and security against interruptions in supply or explosions in price. 

You are interested in our water-heating stoves? Here you will find more information on how the water-heating technology works.

Waterheating technology

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